recital portrait packages


WE ARE SO EXCITED to announce that all portraits will now be taken at our studio, located at 2504 Benton Road in Bossier City. 


Due to increased interest, we have added 2 additional packages that will include 1 addtional portrait session, in studio or an outdoor environmental type session.  We can capture your dancer in a urban setting, in a field of green grass, at the lake or park.  

En' Pointe Collection

For Dancers That Are En'Pointe

This collection will capture your dancer in a graceful, beautiful portrait that is printed on a 16X20 canvas and framed, with archival GiClee inks and then embellished with hand-painted oils and acrylics by a Master Painter to provide a soft beautiful Master Portrait that will last for generations.

Also included is (4) 8X10s, (8) 5X7s, (8) 4X6s, (16) Wallets,  and a $100 print credit for any products/prints.

This Master Portrait comes with a Certificate of Authenticity & Appraisal and will be hand delivered and installed in your home. 

This is a 1 hour recital costume session and a 2 hour portrait session.

Retail: $1,977 ;                     TSD Sale Price: $1,582



Canvas or HD Metal Collection

This is a 2 session package and includes a 16X24 High Definition  Glossy Metal Print or 16X24 Canvas Gallery Wrap. 1 session in studio and 1 session is environmental to capture the image at an outdoor location. This package is designed the dancer with multiple costumes, or it can be used for siblings with multiple costumes. 16X24 can include both siblings if desired.

Also included is a collection of glossy prints of (2) 8X10s, (4) 5X7s, (8) 4X6s, 8 wallets, and a $50 credit towards any prints/products.

This is a 45 minute recital portrait session and a 1 hour outdoor or studio portrait session for the HD metal print.

Retail: $548    TSD Sale Price: $398



Designed For Dancers - 4-5 Costumes

If you have a dancer with 4-5 costumes, this is the package for you. It's designed to provided plenty of prints for each costume.

The collection includes (4) 8X10s, (8) 5X7s, (8) 4X6s, 16 wallets, and (4) Magnets.

This is a 30 minute portrait session.

Retail: $165.     TSD Sale Price: $90



Designed for Dancers - 3 Costumes

This collection is designed for the dancer with 3 collections and will deliver a great assortment of prints.

This collection includes (3) 8X10s, (6) 5X7s, (6) 4X6s, 12 wallets, and 3 magnets.

This is a 30 minute session.

Retail: $146.   TSD Sale Price:$80



Designed for Dancers - 2 Costumes

If you have a dancer with 2 costumes, or 2 dancers with 1 costume each, this is perfect for you.

The collection includes (2) 8X10s, (4) 5X7s, (4) 4X6s, and 8 wallets.

This is a 15 minute session

Retail: $85     TSD Sale Price: $65

Riley copy.jpg


Designed for the Dancer with 1 Costume

This is designed for a single dancer with a single costume.  

This collection of prints will include (1) 8X10, (2) 5X7s, (2) 4X6s, and 4 wallets.

This is a 15 minute session.

Retail: $50.    TSD Sale Price: $45


Build Your Own Package

You Select The Prints and You Select The Images

We'll capture your beautiful dancer and upload them to your gallery.  You select what images go on what pictures, and in what quantity.  It's literally a "Build Your Own Package."

Once the pictures are uploaded, you'll receive an email with a Print Code for the amount paid.  If you choose more images than the amount paid, simply pay the balance at checkout.

Retail: $60/dancer, 30 minutes, 1-2 costumes

Retail $80/dancer, 45 minutes, 3+ costumes