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Light Paintings

Commissioned Light Paintings
By GB Modern PhotoArt - A Division of The Focused Lens Portaits



It was our honor to light paint RIP; a tribute to loved one that has passed on. Built by Nobody Customs out of Keithville, Louisiana, this truck is flawless and winning awards at every show it enters.  The beautiful wine color paint is impeccable. Keep your eyes out for this beauty at car shows.FULL IMAGE SPECS:3 hrs on-site, 32 hrs editing approximately 127 images, 134 layers to assemble. Printed on 10X20 metal with custom show board and custom carrying case.


Simply stunning.  Absolute luxury with all the modern touches.  This beautiful Rolls Royce was built by Nobody Customs in Keithville, Louisiana. Photographing this car sounds like a typical Louisiana summer's night story.  "It was a sweltering hot summer night, the humidity was about 98% and the mosquitos were in full swarm mode as we deligently captured the images of this amazing Rolls Royce." said Greg.  All he kept saying was, "It will be worth it, it will be worth it." and man was it every.  Stunning, just simply stunning.FULL IMAGE SPECS:3.25 hrs on-site, 52 hrs editing approximately 141 mages, 146 layers to assemble. Printed on 10X20 metal with 1/4" thick black tuxedo mount and carry case.

The Nova SS

This one, the one built by friends that are passionate about cars. This one that is cherished by builder and wife as they cruise around in their car and bring back memories of young love.  Cars are usually more than just projects, investments, or some sort of hobby.  It's a true pleasure for us to photograph such a car that folks invest their blood, sweat, and tears into.FULL IMAGE SPECS: 3 hrs on-site, 27 hrs editing approximately 85 mages.  91 layers to assemble. Printed on 20X40 metal with full mounts and carrying case.

W-VChevalier -05373-FinalMasters.jpg

Camaro River Valley Cruisin'

Light Painting this beautiful red Camaro was a blast.  As we photographed the car, in the background cars were testing each other and we was able to capture a few tail-light drags for the image.  The owner was present and having fun as his friends came by and watch the magic of light painting at night.FULL IMAGE SPECS:3.25 hrs on-site, 46 hrs editing approximately 103 images and 107 layers to assemble. Printed on 10X20 metal with custom hangers and carrying case.


She's down to earth. She puts the "Lux" in luxurious. Sleek, clean body lines with custom interior that lets you know she means business.  This award winning Silverado is Ekessive in all her ways.FULL IMAGE SPECS:2.5 hrs on-site, 27 hrs editing approximately 82 images and 88 layers to assemble.Printed on 20X40 metal backlit with LED lighting.

Skyjacker's Dodge Rebel

This was the next light painting for Skyjacker, a Dodge Rebel that was amazing.  The set for this light painting was a little more complex because we photographed the truck in the day, in a metal building.  We had to get creative with covering gaps around garage doors and holes to prevent day light from coming in. But we got r done!FULL IMAGE SPECS:2.75 hrs on-site, 30 hrs editing approximately 94 mages and 98 layers to assemble.Printed on 10X20 metal.

The answers to your questions
What is light painting?
Light painting is a very unique approach to photography that uses a highly complex system of customized LED lights to capture subjects over multiple images using high resolution cameras that are positioned for the best vantage point. This results in images that are extremely color accurate, then merged/blended into a single portrait that brings attention to the subject in ways that are not possible in other types and techniques of photography.

While vehicles and structures make up the majority of subjects that are light painted, equally stunning images are produced using RVs, UTVs, Planes and commercial products. Recently added are collections of family heirlooms that are passed down from loved ones, such as Bibles, military medals, guns, glasses, rings, guitars, wedding dresses and other sentimental memorabilia.

​No matter the subject, once printed on high definition metal, you'll have a stunning piece of artwork to share and have them fight over when you're dead.
How long does this take?
Photography is 3-4 hours. Editing is 20-40 hours.
So it takes about 3-4 weeks to have the metal image delivered to you.
How much does this cost?
On average, most sessions for 1 vehicle costs about $750 and you get a 10"X20" high definition glossy metal print.

Contact Greg
Are you interested in commissioning a light painting? Drop me a line by filling out this contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
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