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Cherish the Moments with your Senior - Madalyn Sr '22

Updated: May 7, 2022

Capturing the amazing style and personality of high school seniors is quite an honor. Your son or daughter is a brilliant mixture of so many wonderful elements; environment and the best and worst of two people who want to remember this age and time with portraits.

Madalyn is quite the accomplished high school student and her previous 2 sessions were both incredibly fun and creative. Her mom, Katherine, asked if I could recreate a mother daughter image that they have taken every 5 yrs at the end of her last Spring Sr. session.

Watching Katherine's posts and hearing her over the course of the last 6 months, I've witnessed a mother who has properly prepared her heart, as best as is humanly possible, to have her oldest daughter leave home. It's a gut-wrenching, bittersweet, heart-tugging back and forth of "let them fly" vs "that's my baby." Katherine is human and like every mom, this isn't easy, but she's holding her own with grace and confidence that they've done their best and it was time to enjoy the last year.

The moments captured below, are in order, almost frame by frame, most unedited, per Katherine's request.


Please relish the real deal emotions of Madalyn, truly realizing the magnitude and importance of the portrait being taken and what followed. What I witnessed was a young woman touched by how well her mom was and is handling the transition. Please slide across.

After the first few frames, I repositioned Madalyn, since she was the Senior. As a conversational photographer, the discussion was so sweet about the exact replication of this image over the years, Madalyn's last portrait like this before leaving home and, then it started hitting her.

Asking for the forehead kiss was the final straw. It was the catalyst to something I'm not sure anyone saw coming.

I think it surprised Katherine a little, but Ellas's reaction was totally, "Wait, what's happening?"

It was such a tender moment. Letting the moment stay organic and move forward, I was in tears, just snapping away.

Some moments will be cherished in our hearts, some are thankfully documented, to celebrate for a lifetime.

What an honor to photograph. It is not taken lightly, the magnitude of the moments, the sheer ability to be present for these milestones and I thank the Lord every day to have this job.

Start your family dinners and game nights before they're 7, not 17, and you'll experience the best of what Senior year has to offer; an enjoyable year of firsts and lasts.

What a beautiful legacy. Words are not enough to express the unconditional love between a mother and her daughters.

Happy Mother's Day

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