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Ascension Underpass: A collaboration of artists.


There's more than fresh paint on Marshall St; the new artistic gateway to downtown Shreveport. What may be just colors added to columns supporting I-20 to some is also a creative undertaking by an amazing group of innovators and artists to inspire change, hope and unleash a force of good in our community. Artists: Ka'Davien Baylor, Ben Moss, Eric Francis, and Willie Love.

From early on in the project, I was invested. Graffiti and murals have long been a favorite of mine to photograph against. It didn't take long of watching behind the scenes and press being done on social media to have ideas swirling in my head about ways to shoot it, once finished.

Portraits will be really fun at the Underpass! I'll always love working with dancers.

It was the morning of the shoot, set for 6pm. Logan, my daughter and professional dancer was in town teaching a workshop. We looked at every angle and potential ways to shoot the columns, along with the underpass concrete and was thrilled at the possibilities of creating epic images.

Having a strong desire to produce images with two dancers working together, I texted a local choreographer and incredible dancer, Sha'net McCarter. She was excited to be part of my spontaneous ideas and met us at the Underpass, ready to work.

My attempts to convey the degree of difficulty and athleticism it took to hold a pose on the steep incline isn't any way adequate. It was difficult, to say the least. But for me to then request, "Can you hold that while Sha'net does a jump?" or "Can you use leverage to create this together?" and "Do that again, but in the air!"

The whole world is an art gallery if you're mindful.

There are beautiful things everywhere, and they're free.


If you haven't had the chance to be inspired by the Ascension Underpass, I hope you can see it soon. If my own artistic vision of using the creative wonder from Ka'Davien Baylor and his amazing crew, and the incredibly talented artists of movement; dancers, Logan Greer & Sha'net McCarter, paired with my medium of art, photography, helps just one person see more of the beauty, hope and and talent in our community, it would be a win. I'd love to know what inspires you or ways you've found the Underpass mural inspirational. – Daphne

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